Frequently Asked Questions

Personal account

How to log in the Personal Account?
How to attach an existing trading account to PA?
How can I change the password for logging in to Personal Account?
How to recover password for Personal Account?
How to open a real trading account?
Which documents are required to open an account?
How to upload additional documents to the PA?
How to open a demo account?

Deposit and withdrawal

How can I deposit?
Where can I get the details for transferring funds?
What can I do if the bank required documents confirming the legitimacy of funds transfer ?
Is it possible to deposit the account using BCS Online banking?
Are there any commissions for bank transfer / deposit?
How long does a bank transfer last?
Can anyone else deposit my trading account?
Can I deposit my trading account in a currency other than the currency of this account?
How to create funds withdrawal request?
Can I withdraw funds to another person's bank account?
Can I withdraw funds to a bank account with currency different from currency of the trading account?
Where in the PA is it possible to track the history of deposits and withdrawals of funds?
Is it necessary to pay taxes when working in Forex?
How to attach a bankcard in Personal account?
What is the minimum deposit for trading on BCS Forex?

Trading platform

I got login and password for accessing MetaTrader; how can I start trading?
Where can I get familiarized with operation info of trading platform?
Can I change the trading account password?
Can I restore the trading account password?
How can I see if I was successfully authorized in the trading platform?
It is impossible to be authorized in platform. What is the problem?
Why does the message "Incorrect account" appear in the trading platform?
What time is displayed in trading platform?
What does the "Trade flow busy" error in the trading platform mean?
My order worked, but this price is not shown on the chart. What is the reason?
Why "New order" button in trading platform is inactive?
In the account history in trading platform an order with zero volume is displayed. Where did it come from?
How are the charts built in trading platform?
The terminal does not display most of the currency pairs, why?
What do the audio signals that trading platform supplies mean?
Why are "Buy" and "Sell" buttons inactive?
CFDs on shares and Dividends – what happens?
Where can I see the currency pair swaps?
Why did my deal turn red?
What are the IP addresses of servers for demo and real accounts?

Partnership programs

What is the target audience for the company's services?
How to open a partner account?
What are the main terms of the partnership program?
How is the partner's bonus calculated?
What trading instruments are the bonuses accrued on?
Where can I see the summary information on the bonus accrued for the reporting period?
What are the terms of remuneration transfer to partner account?
How do I withdraw my bonus accrued?
What shall I do if the bank requests documents confirming the legitimacy of the funds transfer ?
What promo materials can be found in the PA?
How can I post the banner on the web-site?
Are there any restrictions on timeframes for client assignment to a partner?
What is the storage period for the information about the partner ID (partner cookie) in browser history?
Can I ask the Company to supply me with printed products to attract customers?
Can I refer a customer who has already opened a personal account in the company?
What are the ways to refer a customer to the partner group?

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