Bank transfer in USD

Period: 2–3 working days
Currency: USD
Comission: 35 USD
Min. sum: any sum

You can withdraw funds from your trading account to your bank account. To do this, in the Personal Account you need to create the order for withdrawal of the desired amount, indicating the requisites of the transfer.

How to withdrawal funds:

  1. Sign in to your «Personal Account»;
  2. Click «Financial operations» in the left menu;
  3. Use the form on the right to «Create new request»;
  4. Select account for withdrawal;
  5. Select «Bank» as your payment system
  6. Select your payment account
  7. Sepcify amount for withdawal and click «Create».

  8. BCS Forex payment department will process your reqest and credit funds to your bank account.

Please note:

  • Before carrying out bank transfer, please, add Your bank account details.Go to Your Personal Account, select 'Bank accounts', choose the currency of Your bank account and fill out the required information. After filling Your bank account details You can withdraw funds to Your bank account.  
  • When withdrawing funds to an account opened with BCS-Bank, commission is not charged.
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible only to bank account opened in the name of the account holder. The withdrawal to bank accounts of third parties is not carried out.
  • The withdrawal amount is always indicated in currency of your trading account. Company is not responsible for the additional commission charged by the correspondent banks.
  • BKS-Forex does not charge commission for withdrawal of funds from trading accounts;
  • The withdrawal is made, as a rule, within 2–3 working days from the moment of confirmation of the withdrawal instructions. In some cases the bank transfer deadline may be extended up to 5 working days.

** When withdrawing to third-party bank account, the correspondent bank of BCS Bank (the first in the chain of correspondents) charges fixed fee, as follows:

  •  Transfer in rubles: 30 RUB;
  • Transfer in US dollars: 35 USD;
  • Transfer in EUR: 40 EUR.

Please note, that the commission is charged for each transfer and does not depend on the application amount. In case of funds withdrawal to an account opened outside BCS Bank, you are requested to take this information into account when planning the number of transactions and the currency of their conduct.

Also note that the amount indicated is not the final one! Depending on the receiving bank (for example, if the account is opened with a foreign bank), the total amount of retained commissions can be increased due to the availability of commissions from other correspondent banks in the transfer chain, as well as due to the availability of commissions from the receiving bank.

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