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BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Limited (BCS-Cyprus) provides its clients with an opportunity to execute transactions on the global forex market.

  • Minimum trade deposit: US$1;
  • Financial instruments: 37 currency pairs;
  • Minimum position amount: 0.01 lot (a standard lot on the forex market is 100,000 units of base currency), or 1,000 units of base currency;
  • Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200*;
  • Trading schedule: round-the-clock, except Saturday and Sunday, from 00:00 Monday to 23:55 Friday, Eastern European Time;
  • Gold and silver: opening on Monday 01:00, closing on Friday 23:55. Daily break in trading from 00:15 to 01:00 Eastern European Time;
  • Trading terminal: BCS Trade Station

* On holidays the margin security for currencies may increase from 0.5% to 2%.

Contract specifications

Instrument Symbol Spread* (pips) A lot size Margin Limit & Stop levels(pips)** A pip value per 1 lot
Euro vs US DollarEURUSD2100,000 Euro500 Euro6$10.00
US Dollar vs Japanese YenUSDJPY2100,000 USD500 USD61000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
British Pound vs US DollarGBPUSD3100,000 GBP500 GBP6$10.00
US Dollar vs Swiss FrancUSDCHF3100,000 USD500 USD610 CHF / rate USD/CHF
Australian Dollar vs US DollarAUDUSD2100,000 AUD500 AUD6$10.00
UD Dollar vs Canadian dollarUSDCAD3100,000 USD500 USD610 CAD / rate USD/CAD
New Zealand Dollar vs US DollarNZDUSD3100,000 NZD500 NZD6$10.00
Euro vs Japanese YenEURJPY3100,000 EUR500 EUR61000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
Euro vs British PoundEURGBP3100,000 EUR500 EUR610 GBP / rate GBP/USD
Euro vs Swiss FrancEURCHF2100,000 EUR500 EUR610 CHF / rate USD/CHF
Euro vs Canadian DollarEURCAD6100,000 EUR500 EUR810 CAD / rate USD/CAD
Euro vs Australian DollarEURAUD6100,000 EUR500 EUR810 AUD / rate AUD/USD 0
British Pound vs Japanese YenGBPJPY6100,000 GBP500 GBP81000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
British Pound vs Swiss FrancGBPCHF6100,000 GBP500 GBP810 CHF / rate USD/CHF
British Pound vs Canadian DollarGBPCAD8100,000 GBP500 GBP910 CAD/rate USD/CAD
British Pound vs Australian DollarGBPAUD8100,000 GBP500 GBP910 AUD/rate AUD/USD 9
Swiss Franc vs Japanese YenCHFJPY4100,000 CHF500 CHF61000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
Australian Dollar vs Canadian dollarAUDCAD6100,000 AUD500 AUD810 CAD / rate USD/CAD
Australian Dollar vs Japanese YenAUDJPY4100,000 AUD500 AUD61000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand DollarAUDNZD8100,000 AUD500 AUD910 NZD / rate NZD/USD
Australian Dollar vs Swiss FrancAUDCHF6100,000 AUD500 AUD810 AUD/ rate USD/CHF
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese YenCADJPY5100,000 CAD500 CAD61000 JPY / rate USD/JPY
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese YenNZDJPY8100,000 NZD500 NZD91000 JPY / rate USDJPY
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss FrancCADCHF6100,000 CAD500 CAD810 CAD/ rate USD/CHF
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss FrancNZDCHF9100,000 NZD500 NZD1110 NZD/ rate USD/CHF
Euro vs New Zealand DollarEURNZD12100,000 EUR500 EUR1110 NZD / rate NZD/USD
British Pound vs New Zealand DollarGBPNZD15100,000 GBP500 GBP1611 NZD / rate NZD/USD
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian dollarNZDCAD9100,000 NZD500 NZD1110 NZD/ rate USD/CAD 0
US Dollar vs Swedish KronaUSDSEK50100,000 USD500 USD1510 SEK/ rate USD/SEK
US Dollar vs Danish KronaUSDDKK24100,000 USD500 USD2510 DKK/ rate USD/DKK
US Dollar vs Norwegian KronaUSDNOK50100,000 USD500 USD5110 NOK/ rate USD/NOK
US Dollar vs Mexican PesoUSDMXN60100,000 USD500 USD6010 MXN/ rate USD/MXN
US Dollar vs Singapore DollarUSDSGD5100,000 USD500 USD610 SGD/ rate USD/SGD
US Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarUSDHKD20100,000 USD500 USD2110 HKD/ rate USD/HKD
Euro vs Russian RoubleEURRUB50****100,000 EUR500 EUR20100 RUB/ rate USD/RUB
US Dollar vs Russian RoubleUSDRUB40****100,000 USD500 USD20100 RUB/ rate USD/RUB
US Dollar vs Chinese Yuan RenminbiUSD/CHN/ 100,000 USD500 USD2010 CHN/ rate USD/CHN
Spot Gold**GOLD60100 OZ1 %80100 USD
Spot Silver**SILVER605000 OZ1 %8050 USD

* The lowest spread between the current market price and the price specified in a stop-loss/take-profit order under normal market conditions, denominated in pips.

** The amount of the leveraged position is calculated as follows: amount × contract size × opening price × margin amount (p.p.) / 100. E.g., GOLD: (1 lot × 100 OZ × 800.11 × 3) / 100 = US$2,400.33

The trade position may be rolled over to the next day via market swaps which may be both negative and positive, denominated in pips. You can see the amount of swaps in our trading terminal BCS Trade Station by clicking on the Market Survey box with the right-hand mouse button and then selecting Symbols in the drop-down menu. Then you need to highlight the required instruments and click Properties.

Please note! The amount of the market swap in case of open position rollover from Wednesday to Thursday is debited/credited threefold.

Margin trading requirements

* Required margin is freely available money required to have a position opened. E.g., with the leverage equal to 1:200, the amount of the required margin will amount to 0.5% of the transaction value; with the leverage equal to 1:33, the required margin will amount to 3%; with the leverage equal to 1:20, the required margin will amount to 5%; etc.

** The level of required margin is the leverage (debt-to-equity) ratio (account balance + floating income floating losses) expressed in percentage points.

*** Funds deposited on trade account (deposit) are funds available at the trade account, including open positions (account balance + floating income floating losses).

If a client fails to meet the above-listed margin requirements (in particular, the requirement regarding the maintenance of the minimum margin level), the unprofitable positions with highest loss shall be closed by BCS. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that a client close some of his/her loss-incurring positions or open a hedge position.


A clients positions shall be subject to mandatory closing at the stop-out level if the level of the required margin goes down below 50%.

Margin requirements for hedge positions

The size of hedge positions (i.e. positions contrary to those, which have already been opened) cannot exceed the amount of current free cash (free margin) available in a clients trade account.