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BCS Mobile Trading 4 MetaTrader 4 Mobile (for Pocket PC)

A Pocket Personal Computer (PPC, palm computer) is a portable electronic device.

The BCS Mobile Trading 4 (MetaTrader 4 Mobile (for Pocket PC)) trading terminal is a technological solution developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. for PPCs and communicators. BCS Mobile Trading 4 is by no means inferior to the full-fledged information and trading terminal, BCS Trade Station.

The mobile trading platform provides constant access to the forex market from a PPC with a possibility to assess the market and to execute transactions. The mobile terminal is technically reliable and well-protected.

System requirements: Pocket PC, Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2002 and above (including Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0).

Please note! When choosing a PPC for mobile trading, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the operating system, which has a direct influence on the possibility of installing the trading terminal onto the PPC.

Distribution kits and documents

BCS Mobile Trading 4: installation from a stationary PC via ActiveSync onto a PPC / .zip, 589
BCS Mobile Trading 4: installation on a PPC / .zip, 549

It is possible to use the trading terminal in two modes: demonstrational (demo accounta trader can open on his/her own) and real (live account which can be opened by a broker).

User Manual of BCS Mobile Trading 4 / .zip, 574
A detailed description of the installation process and features of the trading terminal.

Trading terminal BCS Mobile Trading 4 is provided to BCS-Cypruss clients free-of-charge!


Market survey

Opening a trading position


Possibilities and advantages of BCS Mobile Trading 4

  • real-time quote streaming;
  • back records of quotes;
  • constant monitoring of the account status;
  • trade execution, supervision over open positions, placement of all types of orders and trailing stop orders;
  • records of previous transactions;
  • charts, technical indicators and linear instruments;
  • news flow;
  • managing screen setups and specific properties of financial instruments;
  • alert signals about systemic and trading events;
  • VGA-mode which allows seeing much more information on the PPCs screen with 640480 resolution;
  • multilingual interface;
  • internal e-mail service;
  • access to the terminal in off-line mode without the necessity of logging in to the server.