How much can I earn by trading in the Forex market?

How profitable is it to trade in the Forex market? And, in general, is it worth diving into Forex?

Last but not least, daily price fluctuations typically amount to 100 - 200 basis points (for most currencies, the fourth decimal place in an exchange rate). One basis point is equal to approximately 10 dollars for major currency pairs.

In effect, according to John Murphy’s Technical Analysis of the Futures Market, successful traders manage to take advantage of approximately one-third of all price actions.

However, you should not be lured away by potentially high gains: peculiarities of any market – be that commodities, currencies, or stocks – need to be examined closely and analyzed continuously. It is also critical to keep a close eye on other sectors of financial markets and learn everything you can. This is not gambling – in the Forex market you can earn money using your wits and experience.

Lucky Forex trading!