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BCS Cyprus

BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Limited, or BCS Cyprus, provides electronic and voice access to the foreign exchange (FOREX) market and the worlds leading stock exchanges, i.e., the LSE, NYSE, NYMEX, NASDAQ, CME, CBOT, CBOE, EUREX and EURONEXT.

BCS Cyprus was established in December 2004 in the Republic of Cyprus (the European Union) and holds a licence Y 048/04 issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, dated 10/08/2004.

In November 2005, BCS Cyprus became an accredited member of the London Stock Exchange.

Brokerage services on the foreign exchange (Forex) market | Forex with BCS Cyprus

  • Wide range of tradable financial instruments: more than 20 currency pairs;
  • Minimum Forex account is US$1,000; the account can be replenished with US dollars or euros; the deposit can be denominated in US dollars or euros;
  • 2-pip spread and commission-free;
  • Leverage up to 1:100; no need to maintain the 100% margin requirement during business days (*the margn requirement is a debt-to-equity ratio for open positions);
  • Trading with mini lots, i.e., equal to 0.1 of a standard lot (10,000 units of base currency);
  • On-line execution of trades via Instant Execution technology without requesting quotes from a dealer;
  • Safe, highly-usable and multilingual (14 languages) trading platform BCS Trade Station (MetaTrader4): streaming real-time quotes, trade execution and constant monitoring of the account status, charts and indicators, and the news flow from the worlds leading news agencies;
  • Mobile trading: special versions of the trading terminal suitable for the Pocket PC and cellphone installation;
  • Round-the-clock trading and maintenance services from 00:00 (CET) on Sunday to 21:00 (CET) on Friday;
  • Forex-related advisory services and individual approach to each customer;
  • Opening trade accounts for both retail and institutional clients from all over the world;
  • Signing legal agreements between investors and trust managers;
  • Deposit guarantees.